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College Party Committee
Overview of the party organization

The Party Committee of the Communist Party of China, 古天乐代言太阳集团Tianjin University of Finance and Economics, existing17 Personal branch, Am古天乐代言太阳集团ong them, the party branch of the teaching worker7 individual, Student Party Branch10 individual; A total of party members342 Name, Among them, 古天乐代言太阳集团members of the teaching workers85 Name, Student party members257 Name。 The Party Committee of the Business School uphold古天乐代言太阳集团s“ Leading the high-quality development of the college with party building” Concept, Give full play to the political function and leading role of grass-roots party organizations, The power of condensing the teachers and students of the whole hospital, Fully stimulates the vitality of the college's d古天乐代言太阳集团evelopment。



division of labor

Liu Yubin

Secretary of the Party Committee, Confidential Member

Zhang Jianyu

古天乐代言太阳集团Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee Bi United Front Member

Yan Xiaofang

古天乐代言太阳集团Deputy Secretary of the Party 古天乐代言太阳集团Committee, Work in charge of students

Sun Xin

Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission

Lu Zhengying

Chen 17702-17703

Propaganda member

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