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Tianjin University of Finance and Economics Business School 古天乐代言太阳集团recommends outstanding graduates of fresh graduates Details of the Implementation Rules for Graduate Work of Master's Degree
2023-08-28 09:00  


Tianjin University of Finance and Economics Business School recommends outstanding graduates of fresh graduates

Details of the Implementation 古天乐代言太阳集团Rules for Graduate Work of Master's Degree

Chapter 1 General Principles

古天乐代言太阳集团 is specification Business School Recommended excellent undergraduate graduates from trials for graduate students from trials( The following is referred to as exemption) Work, Promot古天乐代言太阳集团ing the selection and training of top talents, Inspire to study hard in school, Comprehensive development of morality, intellectual, physical and labor and labor。 According to the Ministry of Education《 Recommended excellent graduates from general colleges and universities nationwid古天乐代言太阳集团e for general colleges and universities for graduates from trials for master's degree graduate work management measures( Trial)》( Teaching〔2006〕14 No.)《 Notice of the General Office of the Ministry of Education on further strengthening the recommendation of excellent gr古天乐代言太阳集团aduates of excellent graduates from trials for graduate work》( Teaching Hall〔2013〕8 No.)《 Notice of the General Office of the Ministry of Education on further improving the recommendation of excellent graduates from fresh graduates from trying to study for graduate work 古天乐代言太阳集团methods》( Teaching Hall〔2014〕5 No.)《 Notice on Further Standardment and Strengthening the Recommended Outstanding Fresh Graduates for Graduate Students for Graduate Students》( Teaching Hall〔2020〕12 No.) Spirit, Combination《 Tianjin University of Finance and Economics R古天乐代言太阳集团ecommend outstanding undergraduate graduates from trials for master's degree graduate work management measures》 and The actual college, Formation of this method。

Two This method is called“ Free test” refers to the preliminary test of the general undergraduate graduate of the gener古天乐代言太阳集团al undergraduate., Enter the re-examination directly。 This method is called“ Recommended”16710-16731, Confirm its exemption qualification and recommend it to the admissions unit。

Article 3 Recommended work should be guided by Xi Jinping's new era of socialism with Chi古天乐代言太阳集团nese characteristics, In-depth implementation of the party's education policy, Fundamental tasks around the Trendei people, Firmly 古天乐代言太阳集团establish quality awareness, Actively connecting the national development strategy, Serving the construction and development of the country fully。

Article 4 Recommended work Gi古天乐代言太阳集团ve full play to policy guidance and incentives, Follow Fair、 Justice、 Public principles。

Article 5 Recommended work Insist on morality, intellectual, physical, beautiful, labor, labor and labor, The principle of virtue first。 Pay attention to the political attitude towards students、 Ideological pe古天乐代言太阳集团rformance、 Moral Quality、 Science spirit、 Honest and trustworthy、 Examination in the aspects of law and law, Take the evaluation of students' ideology and morality as an important content and important basis for the selection of students, Those who are not qualified for ideological and moral assessm古天乐代言太阳集团ent will not be recommended and admitted。

Article 6 Recommended work Insist on student performance, Principles selected for selection。 Pay attention to and strengthen the processing evaluation of students' undergraduate learning situation, Highlight the consistent academic perform古天乐代言太阳集团ance of students, Academic performance of the undergraduate stage as the most basic selection indicator for exemption。 Recommended professional foundation for selection、 With the spirit of innovation、 Students with a certain research ability。

Article 7 Recommended work sh古天乐代言太阳集团ould be encouraged to strengthen inter-school communication、 Disciplinary communication as the principle。 Students who have qualified for exemption can choose、 Application for admissions schools and majors。

Article 8 Business School according to《 Tianjin University 古天乐代言太阳集团of Finance and Economics Recommend outstanding undergraduate graduates from trials for master's degree graduate work management measures》 Establishing a business school for exemption students, Member composition is as follows:

Team leader: Liu Yubin Peng Zhengyin

Leader: Sun Xin Zhao Liangying Yan Xiaofang Lu Zhengying Zhang Jianyu Zhang Chuobing Chen 19855-19856

古天乐代言太阳集团Removal Student Working Group Leading Business School Exemption。20044-20054: Leading Our College Exemptation of Student Selection, Details of the work of the college for exemption, Organize the college expert review team to carry out work, Application for accepting stud古天乐代言太阳集团ents' reconsideration, Organization to complete other work related to exemption。

Chapter 2 Recommended

Article 9 Business School's exemption work team shall, Comprehensive consideration of the number of fresh undergraduates in each major、 Research on related factors such as the ref古天乐代言太阳集团orm of talent training model determines the exemption quota of various majors。 National Special Plan( A support group、 Master Plan, etc.) Quota is handled according to the corresponding national policy。

Article 10 The basic conditions that should be avoided for exemption

古天乐代言太阳集团21132-21146, Only apply for exemption selection。

1. Academy is included in the admission of national general undergraduate admissions programs、 Freshy graduates who complete their studies within the prescribed period of study( Students with no second bachelor's degree)。

古天乐代言太阳集团2. Good products。 ​​With noble patriotism and collectivist spirit, Socialist belief is firm, Strong sense of social responsibility, Compliance with the law, Records of punishment without violations of laws and discipline, Ideological and moral assessment qualification。

古天乐代言太阳集团3. Diligence Learning, Study Drilling。 Get at the school level or above( Including school-level) Academic Scholarship 2 or more( Includes 2 times); High academic research interest, With a strong spirit of innovation、 Professional development capabilities and comprehen古天乐代言太阳集团sive analysis problems、 Ability to solve problems。

4. Honest and trustworthy, Learning style。 At the end of the sixth semester, No test cheating or other academic bad records。

5. Excellent results。 At the end of the sixth semester, Course stipulated in the professional teaching plan( Except for 古天乐代言太阳集团the selection courses of general education) All scores 古天乐代言太阳集团are qualified, No re-examination or rebuilding course; National University English Level 6 test scores are425 Divided above( Includes425 points), or IELTS score6.0 Divided above( Includes6.0 points), or TOEFL resul古天乐代言太阳集团ts80 Divided above( Includes80 points), or pass the 4th level of English major, or through Japanese majorN2 Exam。

6. Good health, Standards for postgraduate entrance examinations issued by the Ministry of Education。

Article 11 Removal of the selection work procedure

1. Business School formulates 古天乐代言太阳集团the implementation rules for the selection of the college for exemption students in accordance, Each department mobilizes the exemption work in accordance with the school and college's exemption from students。

2. Students who meet the basic conditions of exemption students are located College Applic古天乐代言太阳集团ation, Provide relevant certification materials。

3. College A review of the basic conditions of the application for students。

4. College Review and determine the special academic expertise of applicants( Relevant identification standards and bonus calculation methods see《 Tia古天乐代言太阳集团njin University of Finance and Economics Recommend an excellent undergraduate students from trying to study for master's degree graduate special academic expertise》)。

5. The college will rank in comprehensive grades of the students who have approved the audit., and the ranking of the co古天乐代言太阳集团mprehensive scores of the students on the website of the college and the place where the students are easy to supervise, The publicity period is not less than less3 working days。

6. The college strictly follows the exemption of students issued by the school, According to the comprehensive results r古天乐代言太阳集团anking of no objection, Select the best list of preliminary selection。 The college does not specifically organize the selection of examinations for exemption students( Including written test、 Interview)。

7. Business school publicly announced on the website of the college, The publicity period 古天乐代言太阳集团is not less than less 3 working days。 After the publicity,24636-24642。

Article 12 Exemption of comprehensive performance calculation method

Exemptation of comprehensive results= Academic results+ Special academic expertise plus points

1. Academic results

Academic results= As of the si古天乐代言太阳集团xth semester of the sixth semester, applying for the average score points of the students who have taken the course for students(GPA)

Average score performance point(GPA)= The sum of the score points of each course/ The sum of the courses taken by the courses in the course

Each curriculum score point= C古天乐代言太阳集团ourse of this course*[4-3*(100- Percent score)^2/1600]

Course incorporated into the calculation of exemptions and academic performance does not include general education election courses。 Course scores are calculated according to the initial score, The transcripts 古天乐代言太阳集团provided by the Academic Affairs Office are performed。 It is marked in the transcript as“ Qualification” Course, The credits of this course are recorded as3.25。

2. Special academic expertise calculation methods See《 Tianjin University of Finance and Economics Recommend an excellen古天乐代言太阳集团t undergraduate students from trying to study for master's degree graduate special academic expertise》。

Article 13 Apply for students to participate in military service during the school during school、 Participate in volunteer service、 Go to the International Organization for Intern古天乐代言太阳集团ship, Confirmation of the Department of Economics and Industry, Under the same conditions, give priority consideration。

Article 14 Students who obtain exemption students must make online volunteer reports in accordance with the requirements of the national recruitment 古天乐代言太阳集团graduate students, Timely receiving and confirming the re-examination of the enrollment unit and waiting to be admitted, Those who have not fulfilled this procedure, It is deemed to be automatic abandonment of recommended qualifications。

Article 15 Students who have obtained exemption students, N古天乐代言太阳集团o registration can be registered 古天乐代言太阳集团for the unified examination, Otherwise, it will cancel its exemption qualification, List as a unified candidate。

Article 16 Students who have obtained exemption students, If there is one of the following situations before graduate students, The school will be re古天乐代言太阳集团ported to the Tianjin Education Admissions Examination Institute, Cancel its recommended qualifications。

1. Disclosure。

2. Can't appear less than a courses。

3. There is academic misconduct。

4. No bachelor's degree or undergraduate graduation certificate was obtained before enrolling。

Chapter 3 Reconsideration

Article 17 College Changtong 古天乐代言太阳集团Student Consultation、 Activity channel, Related information in time。 Students hold objections, During the publication period of the college's comprehensive results, Apply for reconsideration from the college working group, The program is as follows:

1. Fill in the applicant《 Tian古天乐代言太阳集团jin University of Finance and Economics Recommend Excellent graduate of fresh graduates from trials for graduate students reconsideration application form》( The following referred to as reconsideration application form)( Term in one of), and submit it to the college within the designated date。

古天乐代言太阳集团2. The college working group shall be in accordance with the requirements of the recommendation rules, Whether the situation reflected by the applicant is true, Depending on the situation, the applicant can be re-evaluated。

3. The college working group records the reconsideration pro古天乐代言太阳集团cess and conclusion in detail in the reconsideration application form。 Reconsideration conclusion The applicant was informed before submitting the preliminary list of students to the school leading group。

4. The college will reconside the application form with the preliminary list of the prelim古天乐代言太阳集团inary selection, Submit to the Academic Affairs Office。

Article 18 Apply for reconsideration

Students are not convinced by the results of the college reconsideration, Can apply to the school's work leadership group Responsibility, The appeal procedure is the same as above古天乐代言太阳集团, Appeal Materials Report the Academic Affairs Office。

Chapter 4 Supervision

Article 19 College should strengthen management, Establish a recommendation work supervision mechanism。 Principles involved in recommendation work、 Method、 Programs and results should be carefully studied、 Col古天乐代言太阳集团lective decision。 The college is responsible for the results of the exemption from the unit。

No. 1 Twenty strip Relevant staff members have direct relatives or stakeholders to register for the school's exemption enrollment.。 There are non-direct relatives, etc.。 Related students should 古天乐代言太阳集团also take the initiative to report to the college and school leadership group office when applying for exemption students。 Relevant staff who have not reported to the relationship in accordance with the regulations, It will be dealt with seriously according to regulatio古天乐代言太阳集团ns and discipline。 Students who have not reported the relationship and affect the process and the results of the results of the non-reporting statement in accordance with the regulations, It will cancel its exemption qualification。

Twenty 1 strip False fake, Plagiarism with thesis、 Fictiona古天乐代言太阳集团l Reporting Awards or scientific research results, or students with other serious impacts of recommendation work processes and results of fair and fair behavior, Once verified, Immediately cancel its exemption qualification, and report to the Tianjin Education Admission古天乐代言太阳集团s Examination Institute in accordance with regulations《 National Education Examination Candidates Integrity File》。

Chapter 5 Attachment

Twenty 2 strip This Measures Jing College Party Committee Discussion passed, Practice from the date of release。

Twenty 3 strip This method is from Business School Responsi古天乐代言太阳集团ble for explanation。

              Business School

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