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Part-time professor
Part-time professor


 Li Xunchun.jpg

Li Xunchun

1、 Li Xunchun: Professor、 President of the School of Managem古天乐代言太阳集团ent of the former Sun Yat-sen University, Doctoral supervisor, Pearl River scholars specially appointed professor, The 4th National Master of Business Administration(MBA) Member of the Professional Degree Education Guidance Committee、 Member of the 12th and 13th Expert 古天乐代言太阳集团Review Team of the National Natural Science Foundation of China、 Vice Chairman of the China Enterprise Management Research Association, Fudan Management Outstanding Contribution Award winners。


 Sun Jiuxia.jpg

Sun Jiuxia

2、 Sun Jiuxia: Professor、 Doctoral supervisor, ​​One of the leaders of domestic tourism an古天乐代言太阳集团thropology research。 The current Deputy Dean of the School of Tourism, Sun Yat-sen University、 Director of the Research Center at Sun Yat-sen University Tourism Leisure and Social Development。


 Su Jingqin.jpg

Su Jingqin

3、 Su Jingqin: Minister of Management Department of Dalian University of Technology, Docto古天乐代言太阳集团ral supervisor, Chairman of the Professional Committee of Management Case Research Committee of China Management Modernization Research Association、 The top ten most popular business schools in China。 Member of the First Public Management Division Professional Guidance 古天乐代言太阳集团Committee、 Director of China Industrial Science and Technology Management Dalian Training Center。


 Zhang Jinlong.jpg

Zhang Jinlong

4、 Zhang Jinlong: President 古天乐代言太阳集团of the School of Management of the former University of Science and Technology of China, Doctoral supervisor。 Vice President of China Logistics Technolo古天乐代言太阳集团gy Society、 China Optical Law Coordination Law and Vice President of Economic Mathematics Research Association、 Global SME Entrepreneurship Federation— Vice President of China Venture Association, Enjoy the special allowance of the State Council government。


 Ma Shihua.jpg

Ma Shihua

5、 Ma Shihua: Executive Deputy 古天乐代言太阳集团Director of the Electronic Business Center of Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Director of the Institute of Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Doctoral supervisor。 Member of the Ministry of Education Management Science and Engineering Teaching Guidanc古天乐代言太阳集团e Committee、 Society of American Production and Inventory Management(APICS) Member、 Member of the Industrial Engineering Professional Committee of the China Machinery Engineering Society, Country863/CIMS Advanced Workers, Enjoy the special allowance of the State Council government。  


 古天乐代言太阳集团Fan Xiucheng.jpg

Fan Xiucheng

6、 Fan Xiucheng: Director of the Service Marketing and Service Management Research Center of Fudan University, Doctoral supervisor。 Director of the Marketing Research Association of High Schools in China、 Executive Director of the Chinese M古天乐代言太阳集团arket Society、《 Nankai Management Review》 Deputy editor。


 Qi Anbang.jpg

Qi Anbang

7、 Qi Anbang: Doctoral instructor at the Business School of Nankai University。 Chairman of the Research and Management Committee of the International Project Management Association、 Deputy Chairman of the Execu古天乐代言太阳集团tive Committee of the China Project Management Research Association、 Executive Director of the Information System Research Association of China System Engineering Society、 Member of the Expert Committee of the China Engineering Cost Management Association。 The first pla古天乐代言太阳集团ce in the China Project Management Association“ China Project Management Achievement Award” winner, In the International Project Management Association Research Award winner。  


 Wang Ming.jpg

Wang Ming

8、 Wang Ming: Deputy Dean of the School of Public Management of Tsinghua University, Docto古天乐代言太阳集团ral supervisor。 Member of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference、 Special experts of the Ministry of Civil Affairs、 Special experts of the Ministry of Health、 Consultant of China International Civil Organization Cooperation Prom古天乐代言太阳集团otion Association、 Director of the United Nations Association of China。


 Xie Zhihua.jpg

Xie Zhihua

9、 Xie Zhihua: Now Vice President of Beijing University of Technology and Commerce, Deliven investment management、 Audit theory and other issues research。1995 Elected as a cross-century talent“ 100 people project” candidates,199821194-21206、21207-21214,2000 Become a gov古天乐代言太阳集团ernment specialty enjoyment in the year; Paper has been published so far300 Multiple articles, Publishing Works Da40 Multi-part。 Part-time deputy chairman of the Teaching and Guidance 古天乐代言太阳集团Committee of the Ministry of Education's Industry and Commerce Discipline, Member of t古天乐代言太阳集团he Discipline Development and Professional Settings of the Ministry of Education, Domestic Trade Expert, Vice President of the Chinese Commercial Economics Society, Vice Chairman of China Business Accounting。


 Shi Jianjun.jpg

Shi Jianjun

10、 Shi Jianjun: Doctor of Economics, Professor, Doctoral su古天乐代言太阳集团pervisor, Enjoy expert special allowance experts in the State Council。 Former Vice President of Nanjing University、 President of the University of Economics and Trade。 Now serving as vice president of the China Enterprise Management Research Association、 Chairman of the 古天乐代言太阳集团Higher Education Finance Branch of the Chinese Higher Education Society、 President of the Fund Settlement Branch of the China Education and Accounting Society、 Vice President of the China Science and Technology Index Research Association、 Vice President of the China Wo古天乐代言太阳集团rld Trade Organization Research Association。 It has been selected by the Internet as“ President of the most attractive university in China”, QiaoIET Foundation and Peking University Fangzheng Group award“ China University Outstanding President Award”。


 Zhao Shuming.jpg

Zhao Shuming

11、 Zhao Shuming: Famous Human 古天乐代言太阳集团Resources Management Expert。1977 Graduated from Nanjing University English major。 Self1991 After completing a postdoctoral research in the United States after returning to the United States, He first introduced the theory of Western human resources management to China, 古天乐代言太阳集团One of the scholars combining Western human resources theory with Chinese practice, Research on Chinese human resources management and corporate transnational business direction ranks among the world's advanced level。2006 year5 month, by the United StatesSeton Hill Uni古天乐代言太阳集团versity award“ Humanities―― Honorary doctoral degree in business administration”, Zhao Shuming in Asia is the only one。


 Jing Runtian.jpg

Jing Runtian

12、 Jing Runtian: Professor of Shanghai Jiaotong University、 Boadao, The first China Management Youth Award winner, Fugutet Fund Visit Scholars, Elect古天乐代言太阳集团ed by the Ministry of Education's New Century Excellent Talent Support Plan, Currently serving as a Chinese Society of Management( Management Modernization Research Association) Member of the Organization and Strategic Sub-Committee、 China Management International Research Society(IACMR) Academic Consultant、《Management &Organization Review》、《 Strategic Manag古天乐代言太阳集团ement》 Member of the journal editorial board。 Long-term engaging in organizational change、 Leaders' behavior、 Research on cross-cultural management。


 Song Xinli.jpg

Song Xinli

13、 Song Xinli: Researcher of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology、 Professor, Deputy Secretary-General o古天乐代言太阳集团f China SME International Cooperation Association, Director of China Enterprise Credit and Guarantee Evaluation Center。 State Council Development Research Center《 Small and medium-sized 古天乐代言太阳集团enterprises new environment and new problems and new countermeasures》 Project team s古天乐代言太阳集团pecial experts, Economic Daily Group《 Economy》 Magazine column writer, Hong Kong Asia Think Tank Senior Researcher, Vice President of the Hunan Provincial Logistics Society, Henan Provincial Supply Chain Management Association senior consultant。


 Dang Xinghua.jpg

Dang Xinghua

14、 Dang Xinghua: Vice Preside古天乐代言太阳集团nt of China Enterprise Management Research Association, Doctoral supervisor, Special allowance experts from the State Council, Chairman of the Xi'an Technical and Economic Research Association, Director of the Technical Innovation Research Center of Xi'an University of 古天乐代言太阳集团Training and Technology, Long-term dean 古天乐代言太阳集团of the School of Management of Xi'an University of Health and Technology。 At the Management Department of the National Nature Fund CommissionA Published on class journals5028563-28565, Host completed the completion of the National 古天乐代言太阳集团Natural Fund project、 Social Science Fund、 National Soft Science Project、 Dr. Point Fund of the Ministry of Education、 Shaanxi Provincial Soft Science Key Research Project20 The remaining national and provincial and ministerial-level scientific research topics。 Host co古天乐代言太阳集团mpleted a number of research topics for enterprises, districts and counties, Hosted scientific research results8 Items won provincial and ministerial science and technology awards。


 Tang Jiafu.jpg

Tang Jiafu

15、 Tang Jiafu: The Dean 古天乐代言太阳集团of the School of Management Science and E古天乐代言太阳集团ngineering, the School of Management and Engineering, the University of Finance and Economics, Doctoral supervisor。2002 Annual Education Ministry of Education Outstanding Young Teacher Funding Plan、2003 selected year“ Shenyang Top Ten Outstanding Youth Intellectuals”、2004 selected for the New 古天乐代言太阳集团Century Outstanding Talent Support Program of the Ministry of Education、2006 In the National Outstanding Youth Science Fund winner、2007 The research team led by the year was selected into the National Natural Science Foundation of China Innovation Research Group、2009 se古天乐代言太阳集团lected for the Ministry of Education“ The Yangtze River Scholars Award Plan” A specially appointed professor。


 Ye Qiang.jpg

Ye Qiang

16、 Ye Qiang: The current Dean 古天乐代言太阳集团of the School of Management, Harbin Institute of Technology、 Professor、 Doctoral supervisor,2008 Outstanding talents in the new century of the Ministry of Education,2012 Winning N古天乐代言太阳集团ational Outstanding Youth Science Fund。 In recent years, I have successively held in Austin, University of Texas University in the United States、 The University of California, San Diego and Hong Kong Polytechnic University for research and teaching, Part-time professor and member of the PhD inst古天乐代言太阳集团ructions for doctoral research courses of Hong Kong Polytechnic University。 In recent years,POM IJHM, andDSS other international mainstream academic journals published20 remaining academic papers。2008 I won an academic conference on the Asia-Pacific Information System(PACIS) optimal thesis award。2011 古天乐代言太阳集团Annual Academic 古天乐代言太阳集团Conference of China Summer Information System(CSWIM) Cooperation Chairman。20112012 In the year, he has served as an international information system academic conference(ICIS) Deputy Editor(AE)。 Currently serving as an international journalMISQ Vi古天乐代言太阳集团sit Editorial Committee、JECR Editor-in-chief of the Area、ECRA editor-in-chief of the field。

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